About Our Labradors

Find out more about our Labradors in Pierce, Nebraska.

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Our dogs are working companions

Training or hunting with us almost every day of the year

Rhenee and I spend a lot of time and effort in working with and caring for our dogs. This bond gives us direct insight into their drive, physical abilities, and disposition. This, in turn, allows us to understand the traits of a Labrador that will produce a puppy that will have the desire to work hard and passionately in the hunting arena as well as have the disposition to relax in the house and be a wonderful family pet.

We believe in ethical breeding, testing and research

Puppy whelping and training are our top priorities

We start working with our pups as early as 3 days old using a canine program developed by the U.S. Military that involves six techniques to stimulate their neurological systems. We’ve found that handling the pups daily at this early age has made a huge difference in their socialization skills, and has been a great introduction for the puppy training we begin at 3 ½ weeks old. 


puppies bed 1
puppies bed 1

Are you interested in developing your pup into a hunting companion?

We introduce the pups to birds as early as 5 weeks old

It is fun and always eye-opening to see how each pup deals with a bird in a very controlled environment for the first time. We find when pups are introduced to birds at this early age retain this scent memory when put on birds again later in their training.

Needless to say, we are very particular about the homes we place our pups in, so we will have many questions if you decide you are interested in owning one of our pups.


Pups are examined by our vet at 2-3 days old when their dewclaws are removed, when they have their first round of puppy vaccinations and before being sent to their new homes. Additionally, each pup will be microchipped before leaving our home. We also provide lots of updates on the litter with video, pictures sent directly to those interested in the litter and on our Facebook page.

Our home and kennel are located on 35 acres with three ponds, additionally, we lease and have access to many more training acres and water. 

There’s an indoor training area for winter work. Our heated and air-conditioned kennel for dogs in training and our dogs has individual outdoor access and all kennels have Kuranda beds. We offer companion training, we also offer full upland and waterfowl training. We can develop a tailored program with your hunting style in mind.

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